This is about the 1959 musical. For other productions see Aladdin (disambiguation).

Aladdin is a 1959 musical.



Musical numbersEdit

Act One
  • "Aladdin" - Chorus
  • "There Must be Someone for Me" - Aladdin, Wishee, Washee
  • "No Wonder Taxes are High" - Aladdin and Twankey
  • "Come to the Supermarket (in Old Peking)" - Aladdin and Chorus
  • "Make Way for the Emperor" - Grand Vizier and Chorus
  • "Aladdin" - Princess and Chorus
  • "Opportunity Knocks But Once" - Twankey and Abanazar
  • "Wouldn't It Be Fun" - Emperor
  • "I Adore You" - Princess and Aladdin
Act Two
  • "Cherry Pies Ought to be You" - Aladdin and Princess
  • "I Am Loved" - Princess and Chorus
  • "Ridin' High" - The Hunters
  • "Trust Your Destiny to a Star" - Emperor and Twankey

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