Alan Vicary
Biographical Information
Born Perth, Scotland
Productions Oliver! as Noah Claypole/Charlie Bates
Peter Pan as Slightly Soiled/Ensemble
Me and My Girl as Herbert Parchester (understudy)
Brigadoon as Charlie Dalyrmple (understudy)
The Mikado as Pish-Tush
The Big Window as Tim (original cast)
The Phantom of the Opera as Auctioneer, Gilles Andre (understudy)
Les Misérables as Ensemble, Jean Valjean/Javert (understudy)
Kiss Me Kate as Ralph/Ensemble
Les Misérables as The Bishop, Javert (understudy)
Mary Poppins as Von Hussler/Jack-in-the-Box, George Banks
Carousel as Heavenly Friend
Gone With the Wind as Frank Kennedy
Carousel as Enoch Snow
The Remains of the Day as Lord Darlington (original London cast)
The Secret Garden as Ben Weatherstaff
Recordings Mary Poppins (original cast recording)
Vocal Type Baritone

Alan Vicary is a Scottish actor.


Born in Perth, Scotland, Vicary studied at the Royal Scottish Academy School of Drama and went on to work with the Perth Repertory Theatre. Soon after, Vicary became a mainstay of the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe.


Vicary began his career as a young actor in the Scottish theatre scene; playing Charlie Bates in Oliver! and the Lost Boy "Slightly Soiled" in Peter Pan. After appearingas several older characters, including originating the part of Tim in the fringe musical The Big Window, Vicary began working in London, as Andre in The Phantom of the Opera and later as part of the company in Les Misérables, where he understudied both Jean Valjean and Javert.

In 2004, Vicary appeared as several characters in the original cast of Mary Poppins, before moving onto smaller scale productions, as well as originating roles in Remains of the Day and the 2010 version of The Secret Garden.


Oliver! (1984)Edit

  • That's Your Funeral
  • Pick a Pocket or Two
  • It's a Fine Life
  • I'd Do Anything
  • Be Back Soon

Peter Pan (1985)Edit

  • Wendy
  • I Won't Grow Up
  • Wendy (reprise)
  • We Will Grow Up

Me and My Girl (1987)Edit

  • The Family Solicitor (contains solo lines)

Brigadoon (1988)Edit

  • I'll Go Home With Bonnie Jean (contains solo lines)
  • Come to Me, Bend to Me (solo)
  • Reprises (duet)

The Mikado (1992)Edit

  • Our great Mikado, virtuous man (contains solo lines)
  • Young man, despair (contains solo lines)
  • I am so proud (contains solo lines)
  • Madrigal (contains solo lines)
  • Finale Act II

The Big Window (1994)(originated the role)Edit

The Phantom of the Opera (1995)Edit

  • Notes/Prima Donna (contains solo lines)
  • Masquerade/Why So Silent (contains solo lines)
  • Notes II (contains solo lines)
  • We Have All Been Blind/Twisted Every Way (contains solo lines)

Les Misérables (1996)Edit

Jean Valjean (understudy)Edit
  • Work Song (contains solo lines)
  • On Parole (contains solo lines)
  • Valjean's Soliloquy (solo)
  • At the End of the Day (contains solo lines)
  • Fantine's Arrest (contains solo lines)
  • The Runaway Cart (contains solo lines)
  • Who Am I? (solo)
  • Come With Me (duet)
  • Confrontation (duet)
  • The Well Scene (duet)
  • The Waltz of Treachery (contains solo lines)
  • The Robbery (contains solo lines)
  • Attack on the Rue Plumet (contains solo lines)
  • One Day More (contains solo lines)
  • The Letter (duet)
  • First Attack (contains solo lines)
  • Valjean and Javert (duet)
  • Bring Him Home (solo)
  • The Second Attack (contains solo lines)
  • The Sewers (duet)
  • Every Day (contains solo lines)
  • Valjean's Confession (duet)
  • Valjean's Death (contains solo lines)
  • Epilogue
Javert (understudy)Edit
  • Work Song (includes solo lines)
  • Fantine's Arrest (includes solo lines)
  • The Runaway Cart (includes solo lines)
  • The Confrontation (duet)
  • Stars (solo)
  • The Robbery (includes solo lines)
  • One Day More (includes solo lines)
  • Building the Barricade (includes solo lines)
  • Javert's Arrival (includes solo lines)
  • First Attack (contains solo lines)
  • Valjean and Javert (duet)
  • The Sewers (duet)
  • Soliloquy (solo)

Kiss Me Kate (2001)Edit

  • Another Op'nin', Another Show
  • Too Darn Hot

Les Misérables (2002)Edit

The BishopEdit
  • On Parole (contains solo lines)
  • Valjean Arrested, Valjean Forgiven (contains solo lines)

Mary Poppins (2004)(originated the role)Edit

Von HusslerEdit
  • Precision and Order (contains solo lines)
  • Temper, Temper
George BanksEdit
  • Cherry Tree Lane Part 1 (contains solo lines)
  • Cherry Tree Lane Part 2 (contains solo lines)
  • Cherry Tree Lane (reprise)(duet)
  • Precision and Order (contains solo lines)
  • Cherry Tree Lane (second reprise)(contains solo lines)
  • Good for Nothing (solo)
  • A Man Has Dreams (duet)

Carousel (2006)Edit

Gone With the Wind (2008)Edit

Carousel (2008)Edit

  • (When I Marry) Mister Snow (contains solo lines)
  • When the Children Are Asleep (duet)
  • This Was a Real Nice Clambake (contains solo lines)
  • Geraniums in the Winder (solo)

The Remains of the Day (2010)(originated the role)Edit

The Secret Garden (2010)(originated the role)Edit

  • Cabbage Song (solo)
  • Garden Song (reprise)

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