Angus Macfadyen
Biographical Information
Born September 21st, 1963
Glasgow, Scotland
Productions The Rat Pack as Peter Lawford
Vocal Type Tenor

Angus Macfadyen is a Scottish actor.


Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Macfadyen made his start in television films The Lost Language of Cranes and The Life and Death of Philip Knight before a larger role in the television series Takin' Over the Asylum. This led to his first major film role as Robert the Bruce in Braveheart.

After this, Macfadyen went on to appear a large number of films, ranging from Shakesperian roles such as Lucius Andronicus in Titus to the vengeful Jeff in Saw III. He also appeared in the television productions Spartacus and Californication.


Macfadyen had his sole singing role playing Peter Lawford in the television film The Rat Pack.


The Rat Pack (1998)Edit

  • Hey, There
  • High Hopes (contains solo lines)

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