Anthony Quinn
Biographical Information
Born April 21st, 1915
Chihuahua, Mexico
Died June 3rd, 2001
Boston, Massachussetts, United States
Productions The Long Wait as Johnny McBride
Zorbá as Zorbá
Recordings Zorbá (1983 revival cast)

Anthony Quinn was a Greek actor.


Born Antonio Quinn Oaxaca in Chihuahua, Mexico, he initially joined the Pentecostals and was a professional boxer before making his acting debut in 1936's Parole. He initially played ethnic character roles, before gaining his big break (and an Academy Award) for his role as Eufemio in Viva Zapata!

Quinn would continue to give critically acclaimed performances in such films as Lawrence of Arabia, Wild is the Wind and Zorba the Greek, as well as appearing on stage as King Henry II in Becket.

He passed away in 2001.


Quinn sang only briefly onscreen, performing the number "Once" in The Long Wait. He played a more notable musical role in the 1983 revival of Zorbá, in which he played the title role.


The Long Wait (1954)Edit

  • Once (duet)


Zorbá (1983)Edit

  • The First Time (solo)
  • No Boom Boom (contains solo lines)
  • Goodbye, Canavaro (contains solo lines)
  • Grandpapa (contains solo lines)
  • Woman (solo)
  • I Am Free (solo)

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