Antonio Prieto
Biographical Information
Born May 26th, 1926
Iquique, Chile
Died July 14th, 2011
Santiago de Chile
Recordings La Novia
El Secreto
Rock Lento Mexicano
Ieri Ho Incontrato Mia Madre
Una Lágrima En Tu Rostro
De Donde
La Rosita
Vocal Type Tenor

Antonio Prieto was a Chilean actor and singer.


Born in Iquique, Chile, Prieto made his screen debut in 1954's Murió hace quince años and would appear in a number of Spanish films including The Sun in the Mirror and The Sword of Zorro. He also appeared as the crafty Don Miguel Rojo in A Fistful of Dollars, his most famous role.

Retiring from acting in the Seventies, Prieto was also well known in his native country as a singer, and released several albums.

He passed away in 2011.


Though he did not sing onscreen, Prieto released a number of albums, notably his debut La Novia in 1961.

Prieto also released such albums as Ieri Ho Incontrato Mia Madre and singles including Rock Lento Mexicano and De Donde.


La Novia (1961)Edit

  • La Novia (solo)
  • Son Rumores (solo)
  • El Milagro (solo)

El Secreto (1961)Edit

  • El Secreto (solo)
  • Retrato (solo)

Papa (1962)Edit

  • Papa (solo)
  • Martin Tenia Un Violin (solo)
  • Las Hojas Muertas (solo)
  • El Silbidito (solo)

Rock Lento Mexicano (1962)Edit

  • Ati (solo)
  • Llorando Me Dormi (solo)

Ieri Ho Incontrato Mia Madre (1964)Edit

  • Ieri Ho Incontrato Mia Madre (solo)
  • El Mesmito (solo)

Una Lágrima En Tu Rostro (1964)Edit

  • Una Lágrima En Tu Rostro (solo)
  • Cada Vez (solo)
  • Quando Llegue La Noche (solo)

De Donde (1965)Edit

  • De Donde (solo)
  • Nena Nenita (solo)

La Rosita (1967)Edit

  • La Rosita (solo)
  • Jesus (solo)
  • Chove Chuva (solo)
  • Guapa (solo)

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