Armand Assante
Biographical Information
Born October 4th, 1949
New York City, New York, United States
Productions Chuck as Premier Alejandro Goya
Vocal Type Baritone

Armand Assante is an American actor.


Born to Irish and Italian American parents, Assante began work as a television actor and appeared in a number of soap operas, before becoming recognised for his role in Private Benjamin. He continued to make frequent appearances in television movies but now became more frequently for motion picture roles.

He was recognised for his role in I, the Jury, and won an Emmy for his role as John Gotti in the titular biopic. He also appeared in American Gangster, and outside of acting has made contributions to a number of humanitarian efforts.


Assante has only performed in one role, as the Premier Alejandro Goya in Chuck, where he performed "Bésame Mucho".


Chuck (2010)Edit

  • Bésame Mucho (solo)

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