Arthur Lowe
Biographical Information
Born September 22nd, 1915
Hayfield, England
Died April 15th, 1982
Birmingham, England
Productions Call Me Madam as Senator Brockbank (original London cast)
Pal Joey as Mike Spears
The Coward Revue as Captain Mainwaring
Ann Veronica as Mr. Ramage (original London cast)
Dad's Army as Captain Mainwaring
Bless Me Father as Father Charles Clement Duddleswell
Recordings Call Me Madam (1952 London cast)
Bless 'Em All
Ann Veronica (original cast recording)
Dad's Army (original cast recording)
The Mr. Men Songs
Vocal Type Tenor

Arthur Lowe was an English actor.


Born in Hayfield, Derbyshire, Lowe first worked as an actor whilst serving in the British Army, before making his film debut in 1949. He soon became cast in the regular role of Leonard Swindley in Coronation Street, followed by his popular and enduring turn as Captain George Mainwaring in Dad's Army.

Lowe also appeared on stage in productions of Home and Beauty and The Tempest and films such as Theatre of Blood and The Ruling Class as well as providing the voiceover for the children's series Mr. Men. One of his later recurring roles was as the priest Father Charles Duddleswell in Bless Me Father.

Lowe passed away in 1982.


Onscreen, Lowe sang the comic song "Could You Please Oblige Us With a Bren Gun" in The Coward Revue (as Captain Mainwaring) and "See Amid the Winter's Snow" in Bless Me Father. He also released several albums, including the World War II hits anthology Bless 'Em All and The Mr. Men Songs.

He sang more frequently onstage however, beginning with the role of Senator Brockbank in Call Me Madam. Lowe also originated the role of Mr. Ramage in Ann Veronica and reprised his role as Captain Mainwaring for a Dad's Army revue.


The Coward Revue (1969)Edit

  • Could You Please Oblige Us With a Bren Gun


Bless Me Father (1979)Edit

  • See Amid the Winter's Snow (solo)


Call Me Madam (1952)Edit

  • They Like Ike (contains solo lines)

Pal Joey (1954)Edit

  • I Could Write a Book (reprise)

Ann Veronica (1969)(originated the role)Edit

  • I Couldn't Do a Thing Like That (solo)
  • Too Much Meat (duet)

Dad's Army (1975)(originated the role)Edit


Bless 'Em All (1969)Edit

  • Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Hitler? (contains solo lines)
  • This Is The Army, Mr. Jones (solo)
  • Kiss Me Goodnight, Sargeant Major (solo)
  • I'll Be Seeing You (solo)
  • Lili Marlene (solo)
  • Mairzy Doats And Dozy Doats (Mares Eat Oats And Does Eat Oats)(solo)
  • The Army The Navy And The Air Force (contains solo lines)
  • Bless 'Em All (contains solo lines)
  • Run, Rabbit, Run! (contains solo lines)
  • (We're Gonna) Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line (contains solo lines)
  • That Lovely Weekend (solo)
  • Underneath The Arches (solo)
  • Alouette (solo)
  • Waltzing Matilda (solo)
  • Now Is The Hour (solo)

The Mr. Men Songs (1979)Edit

  • Let's Go To Misterland (solo)
  • Mr. Sneeze (solo)
  • Mr. Silly's Nonsenseland Band (solo)
  • Daydreaming (solo)
  • Mr. Topsy-Turvy (solo)
  • Mr. Greedy's Light Lunch (solo)
  • The Happy Song (solo)
  • Mr. Tickle (solo)
  • Nosey-Nosey (solo)
  • Christmas Snow (solo)
  • Mr. Bump (solo)
  • Mr. Small (solo)

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