Baby is a stage musical about three couples each expecting a baby.



Three couples, each newly expecting a child, have different but familiar reactions. Lizzie and Danny are university juniors who have just moved in together. Athletic Pam and her husband, Nick, a sports instructor, have had some trouble conceiving. Arlene, already the mother of three grown daughters, is unsure of what to do, contemplating abortion while her husband Alan is thrilled with the thought of a new baby.

Throughout the show, these characters experience the emotional stresses and triumphs, the desperate lows and the comic highs, that accompany the anticipation and arrival of a baby.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "Opening/We Start Today" – Danny, Lizzie, Alan, Arlene, Nick, Pam, People in the Town
  • "What Could Be Better?" – Danny, Lizzie
  • "The Plaza Song" – Alan, Arlene
  • "Baby, Baby, Baby" – Nick, Pam, Alan, Arlene, Danny, Lizzie
  • "I Want It All" – Pam, Lizzie, Arlene
  • "At Night She Comes Home To Me" – Nick, Danny
  • "What Could Be Better?" (Reprise) – Danny, Lizzie
  • "Fatherhood Blues" – Danny, Alan, Nick, Mr. Weiss and Dean
  • "Romance" – Nick, Pam
  • "I Chose Right" – Danny
  • "We Start Today" (Reprise) – Company
  • "The Story Goes On" – Lizzie
Act II
  • "The Ladies Singin' Their Song" – Lizzie, Women in the Town
  • "Patterns" – Arlene
  • "Baby, Baby, Baby" (Reprise) – Arlene
  • "Romance" (Reprise) – Nick, Pam
  • "Easier to Love" – Alan
  • "The End of Summer" - Lizzie, Arlene, Pam
  • "Two People In Love" – Danny, Lizzie
  • "With You" – Nick, Pam
  • "And What If We Had Loved Like That" – Alan, Arlene
  • "We Start Today" (Reprise) – Danny, Lizzie, Nick, Pam, Alan, Arlene
  • "The Story Goes On" (Reprise) – Company

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