Baker Street.

Baker Street is a stage musical based on the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, principally A Scandal in Bohemia.



Baker Street is an evening with Sherlock Holmes—a sequence of events that begins with an attempt on the master sleuth's life. The bullet fells a dummy, and Holmes appears from underneath a beggar's disguise to accost his would-be killer. Next it is a quest for love letters, which brings him in contact with one of the rare Holmes romantic interests, actress Irene Adler. Beneath all this diversion Holmes begins to sense an underlying plot to keep him occupied while something bigger is taking place. Holmes and Irene embark, disguised once again, on a search of London's underworld. They are getting too close to Professor Moriarty's plot to steal the Crown Jewels. Holmes is captured, but Irene escapes with the aid of a Holmes agent, who is then killed. The vicious Professor also captures Dr. Watson and leaves them to be destroyed by a tamper-proof bomb.

Irene manages to get the word of Holmes's danger to the Baker Street Irregulars, a band of teen-age boys that he employs from time to time. They come to his aid moments before the bomb is to go off. Once freed, Holmes quickly surveys the device and discovers a way to keep it from going off. He tracks down Moriarty on the Cliffs of Dover and engages the Professor in hand-to-hand combat. The Professor is overcome and falls from the foggy heights. Holmes's next deduction is the hideout where the jewels are hidden. He arrives there with the police, who capture Moriarty's gang and recover the gems.

Musical numbersEdit

  • "It's So Simple" - Holmes, Watson, Lestrade, and Captain Gregg
  • "I'm in London Again" - Irene
  • "Leave it to Us, Guv" -The Irregulars
  • "Letters" - Irene
  • "Cold, Clear World" - Holmes
  • "Finding Words for Spring" - Irene
  • "What a Night This is Going to Be" - Holmes, Watson,Irene and Daisy
  • "I Shall Miss You, Holmes" - Moriarty
  • "Roof Space" - The Irregulars
  • "A Married Man" - Watson
  • "I'd Do it Again" - Irene
  • "Pursuit" - Holmes
  • "Jewelry" - Moriarty's Gang

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