Beggar's Holiday

Beggar's Holiday is an updated version of the classical operetta The Beggar's Opera.



The musical focuses on a corrupt world inhabited by rakish mobsters and their double crossing gangs, raffish madams and their dissolute whores, panhandlers and street people as they conduct their dirty business, ply their trade, and struggle to survive in brothels, shanty towns, and prisons.

Musical numbersEdit

Act One
  • "Inbetween" - Lucy Lockit
  • "When You Go Down by Miss Jenny's" - Citizens and Girls
  • "I've Got Me" - MacHeath
  • "TNT" - The Cocoa Girl
  • "Take Love Easy" - Jenny
  • "I Wanna Be Bad" - Careless Love
  • "Rooster Man" - Jenny
  • "When I Walk with You" - Polly Peachum and MacHeath
  • "I've Got Me" (reprise) - First Girl
  • "The Scrimmage of Life" - Mrs. Peachum, Hamilton Peachum and Lucy Lockit
  • "Ore from a Gold Mine" - Mrs. Peachum and Hamilton Peachum
  • "When I Walk with You" (reprise) - MacHeath and Polly Peachum
  • "Tooth and Claw" - Mac's Gang
  • "Maybe I Should Change My Way" - MacHeath
  • "The Wrong Side of the Railroad Tracks" - The Cocoa Girl, Careless Love and The Horn
  • "Tomorrow Mountain" - MacHeath
Act Two
  • "Brown Penny" - Lucy Lockit
  • "Tooth and Claw" (reprise) - Hamilton Peachum and Reporters
  • "Lullaby for Junior" - Jenny
  • "Quarrel for Three" - Polly Peachum, Lucy Lockit and MacHeath
  • "Fol-de-rol-rol" - MacHeath
  • "Women, Women, Women" - Prisoners
  • "Women, Women, Women" (reprise) - The Cocoa Girl and Careless Love
  • "The Hunted" - MacHeath

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