Bernard Cribbins
Biographical Information
Born December 29th, 1928
Derker, England
Productions Tommy the Toreador as Paco
Little Mary Sunshine as Cpl. Billy Jester
Anything Goes as Moonface Martin
Lady, Be Good as J. Watterson Watkins
Guys and Dolls as Nathan Detroit
Doctor Who as Wilfred Mott
Recordings Little Mary Sunshine (original West End cast)
Folk Song
The Hole in the Ground
Gossip Calypso
Right, Said Fred
The Bird on the Second Floor
When I'm Sixty-Four
Make Someone Happy Every Day
Giggling Gertie the Laughing Traffic Warden
Anything Goes (1989 London cast)
Stick It Out
Guys and Dolls (2002 Studio Cast)
Vocal Type Tenor

Bernard Cribbins is an English actor and comic singer.


Born in Derker, Lancashire, Cribbins began his acting career onstage, making his West End debut in a 1956 production of Comedy of Errors. He then went on to appear in a number of farces, comedy films such as The Wrong Arm of the Law and three Carry On films as well as such television programmes as Fawlty Towers (as the spoon salesman Mr. Hutchinson.)

Cribbins also worked as a narrator on such children's programmes as The Wombles and the audiobooks for Paddington Bear. In 2007 he appeared in Doctor Who playing Wilfred Mott, grandfather of companion Donna Noble.


As well as his acting, Cribbins became known for his humorous albums, including The Hole in the Ground, Gossip Calypso and perhaps most memorably Right, Said Fred. He also briefly sang in the comedy film Tommy the Toreador and as Wilfred in Doctor Who, where he sang along to "The Wild Rover" and "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Cribbins also appeared in several stage musicals, including the original West End production of Little Mary Sunshine, as Moonface Martin in Anything Goes and Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls.


Tommy the Toreador (1959)Edit

  • Where's the Birdie?


Doctor Who (2008)Edit

  • The Wild Rover
  • Bohemian Rhapsody


Little Mary Sunshine (1962)Edit

  • Once In a Blue Moon (duet)
  • Heap Big Injun (solo)

Anything Goes (1989)Edit

  • Friendship (duet)
  • Be Like the Bluebird (solo)

Lady, Be Good! (1992)Edit

  • Oh, Lady Be Good (contains solo lines)

Guys and Dolls (1996)Edit

  • The Oldest Established (contains solo lines)
  • Sue Me (duet)
  • Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat


Folk Song (1960)Edit

  • Folk Song (solo)
  • My Kind of Someone (duet)

The Hole in the Ground (1962)Edit

  • The Hole in the Ground (solo)
  • Winkle Picker Shoes (solo)
  • Red Head (solo)
  • And All the While (solo)

Gossip Calypso (1962)Edit

  • Gossip Calypso (solo)
  • One Man Band (solo)

Right, Said Fred (1962)Edit

  • Right, Said Fred (solo)
  • Quietly Bonkers (solo)

The Bird on the Second Floor (1963)Edit

  • The Bird on the Second Floor (solo)
  • Verily (solo)

When I'm Sixty-Four (1967)Edit

  • When I'm Sixty-Four (solo)
  • Oh My Word (solo)

Make Someone Happy Every Day (1979)Edit

  • Make Someone Happy Every Day (solo)
  • Buzby (solo)

Giggling Gertie the Laughing Traffic Warden (1980)Edit

  • Giggling Gertie the Laughing Traffic Warden (contains solo lines)
  • Beep (duet)

Stick It Out (1993)Edit

  • Stick It Out (contains solo lines)

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