Bette Davis
Biographical Information
Born April 5th, 1908
Lowell, Massachussetts, United States
Died October 6th, 1989
Neuilly-sur-Neine, France
Productions The Cabin in the Cotton as Madge
Jezebel as Julie
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Payment on Demand as Joyce Ramsey
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? as Baby Jane Hudson
Dead Image as Margaret DeLorca/Edith Phillips
Vocal Type Alto

Bette Davis was an American actress.


Born Ruth Elizabeth Davis in Lowell, Massachussetts, she studied acting at the John Murray Anderson's Dramatic School and began her acting career onstage before making her film debut in Bad Sister and gaining critical acclaim for Of Human Bondage and Dangerous, for which she won an Academy Award.

Davis soon gained a reputation as one of Hollywood's greatest actresses with roles in Jezebel, Dark Victory and The Little Foxes. Her career declined in later years, though she gained praise for her role as Margo Channing in All About Eve.

Davis passed away in 1989.


Though not renowned as a singer, Davis demonstrated her musical skills in a number of films, beginning with The Cabin in the Cotton where she sang "Willie the Weeper" and the comic showstopper "They're Either Too Old or Too Young" in Thank Your Lucky Stars.

Davis also sang a several snippets of songs in later films, including Payment on Demand and Dead Image.


The Cabin in the Cotton (1932)Edit

  • Willie the Weeper (solo)

Jezebel (1938)Edit

  • Raise a Ruckus
  • Beautiful Dreamer (solo)

Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943)Edit

  • They're Either Too Old or Too Young (solo)
  • They're Either Too Old or Too Young (reprise)(solo)

Payment on Demand (1951)Edit

  • A Woman's Intuition (solo)

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)Edit

  • I've Written a Letter to Daddy (solo)

Dead Image (1964)Edit

  • Shuffle Off to Buffalo (solo)