Bill Nighy
Biographical Information
Born December 12th, 1949
Caterham, England
Productions The Lord of the Rings as Samwise Gamgee
Mack the Knife as Tiger Brown
Still Crazy as Ray Simms
Love Actually as Billy Mack
The Magic Roundabout as Dylan
Arthur Christmas as Grandsanta
Their Finest as Ambrose Hilliard
A Charles Paris Mystery as Charles Paris
Recordings Mack the Knife (film soundtrack)
Still Crazy (film soundtrack)
Love Actually (film soundtrack)
Arthur Christmas (film soundtrack)
Vocal Type Baritone

Bill Nighy is an English actor.


Born William Francis Nighy in Caterham, Surrey, he studied at Guildford School of Acting and performed at Liverpool's Everyman Theatre before a London debut in Illuminatus!, which led to his being cast in several television and film productions. He gained local recognition for his role in The Men's Room, and international success for playing ageing rocker Billy Mack in Love Actually.

Though best known for comedies, Nighy has a variety of credits to his name, from blockbusters such as the Underworld, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean series to more thoughtful pieces such as Gideon's Daughter and Notes on a Scandal. He also provided voices for a number of films including Flushed Away and Rango (as Rattlesnake Jake)


Nighy sang several times in his career, beginning with the radio adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, in which he played Samwise Gamgee. He later sang as two different fictional rock stars, the lead vocalist of "Strange Fruit" Ray Stubbs in Still Crazy and cynical Billy Mack in Love Actually.

Nighy also performed "You Really Got Me" in The Magic Roundabout, "Make Someone Happy" as Grandsanta in the holiday film Arthur Christmas and "Won't You Go Lassie, Go" as the grizzled actor Ambrose Hilliard in Their Finest.


Mack the Knife (1989)

  • Cannon Song (contains solo lines)
  • You'd Better Use Your Head (contains solo lines)
  • Riding Messenger

Still Crazy (1998)

  • Scream Freedom (contains solo lines)
  • Dirty Town (contains solo lines)
  • Black Moon (contains solo lines)
  • Bird on a Wire (contains solo lines)
  • Dangerous Things (contains solo lines)
  • The Flame Still Burns
  • All Over the World (contains solo lines)

Love Actually (2003)

  • Christmas Is All Around (solo)

The Magic Roundabout (2005)

  • You Really Got Me (duet)

Arthur Christmas (2011)

  • Make Someone Happy (solo)

Their Finest (2017)

  • Won't You Go Lassie, Go (contains solo lines)


The Lord of the Rings (1981)

  • Upon the Hearth
  • To Rivendell
  • Gil-galad was an Elven King (solo)
  • In Western Lands (solo)

A Charles Paris Mystery (2017)

The Cinderella Killer
  • Baby It's Cold Outside (duet)
An Amateur Corpse
  • Bad to the Bone (solo)