Billion Dollar Baby.

Billion Dollar Baby is a stage musical.



Set in 1920s Staten Island, the story follows the adventures of an ambitious young woman, Maribelle Jones, in her quest for wealth during the Prohibition era.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "Million Dollar Smile (Billion Dollar Baby)" - The Radio
  • "Who's Gonna Be the Winner" - Maribelle, Miss Texas, Singers and Bathing Beauties
  • "Dreams Come True" - Maribelle, Rocky (who dances) , Playboy and Good Time Charlie
  • "Charleston" - Ensemble
  • "Broadway Blossom" - Georgia
  • "Speaking of Pals" - Dapper Welch, Jerry, Waiter, Violin Player, Rocky and Ensemble
  • "There I'd Be" - Georgia and Montague
  • "One Track Mind" - Esme and Champ Watson
  • "Bad Timing" - Rocky and Maribelle
  • "A Lovely Girl" - Georgia , Maribelle and Jollities Beauties
Act II
  • "Funeral Procession" - The Mob
  • "Havin' a Time" - Georgia
  • "The Marathon Dance" - Champ
  • "Faithless" - Montague and Maribelle Jones
  • "I'm Sure of Your Love" - Rocky
  • "A Life With Rocky" - Maribelle
  • "The Wedding" - Entire Company

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