Bobby Driscoll
Biographical Information
Born March 3rd, 1937
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
Died March 30th, 1968
New York City, New York, United States
Productions Song of the South as Johnny
Peter Pan as Peter Pan
Recordings Peter Pan (film soundtrack)

Bobby Driscoll was an American actor.


Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Driscoll gained his first television role at the age of five, which enabled him to be cast in the war picture The Fighting Sullivans and begin a career as a succesful child actor, particularly after he became the first actor to be taken under contract by Disney, for whom he appeared in a number of films; most notably Peter Pan.

Driscoll also appeared in the immensely successful Treasure Island with Robert Newton, but puberty signalled his decline and he began to only make appearances in television shows and specials. After a long problem with substance abuse, he passed away in 1968.


Driscoll sang twice in his career, both in films made for Disney; Song of the South and his most famous work - Peter Pan.


Song of the South (1946)Edit

  • Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (reprise)

Peter Pan (1953)Edit

  • Following the Leader

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