Car 54, Where Are You?

Car 54, Where Are You? is a crime comedy series.


Singing cast (recurring/guest)Edit

Notable non-singing castEdit


The series follows the adventures of New York Police Department officers Gunther Toody (badge #1432) and Francis Muldoon (badge #723), assigned to Patrol Car 54 in the fictional 53rd precinct of The Bronx. Toody was short, stocky, nosy, and not very bright and lived with his loud, domineering wife, Lucille. Muldoon was very tall, quiet, and more intelligent. He was a shy bachelor who lived with his mother and two younger sisters, who often eschewed the notion of being married.

Comedic themes were often drawn from the pair's incurable warm-heartedness, and their futile attempts to subjugate this and "get tough", as seemed to be required in order to execute their police assignments. The story would resolve with a passive solution which left all parties happy. Other themes focused on Toody's simpleness combined with much enthusiasm and sometimes stubbornness which created comedic conflict.

Musical numbersEdit

Series OneEdit

Love Minds MuldoonEdit

  • "Love's Old Sweet Song" - Bonita

Christmas at the 53rdEdit

  • "I Am The Captain Of The 53rd" - Block
  • "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" - Block
  • "A Policeman's Lot Is Not A Happy One" - Muldoon
  • "Irving" - Bonita
  • "Mutual Admiration Society" - Toody and Muldoon

Series TwoEdit

A Man is Not an OxEdit

  • "Beautiful Dreamer" - Toody and Muldoon

Toody & Muldoon Sing Along With MitchEdit

  • "The Rose of Tralee" - Toody, Muldoon,

Stop ThiefEdit

  • "The First Noel" - Toody, Muldoon and Omar
  • "Deck The Halls" - Toody, Muldoon and Omar

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