Carmen Alvarez
Biographical Information
Born June 2nd, 1934
Hollywood, California, United States
Productions Paint Your Wagon as Elizabeth Woodling
The Pajama Game as Gladys/Poopsie
Li'l Abner as Moonbeam McSwine (original Broadway cast)
West Side Story as Anita
Li'l Abner as Moonbeam McSwine
Bye Bye Birdie as Rose Alvarez (standby)(original Broadway cast)
We Take the Town as Rosita Morales
To Broadway with Love (original cast)
That Hat! as Angele Bernard (original cast)
Decline and Fall of the Entire World As Seen Through the Eyes of Cole Porter as Girl III (original cast)
The Yearling as Twink (original Broadway cast)
The Apple Tree as Nadjira/Ensemble (original Broadway cast), Eve/Princess Barbara/Ella & Passionella (understudy)
Zorbá as The Widow (original Broadway cast)
Look to the Lilies as Rosita (original Broadway cast)
Irene as Helen McFudd
Recordings Li'l Abner (original cast recording)
Li'l Abner (film soundtrack)
To Broadway with Love (original cast recording)
Decline and Fall of the Entire World As Seen Through the Eyes of Cole Porter (original cast recording)
The Apple Tree (original cast recording)
Zorbá (original cast recording)
Irene (1973 revival cast)
Vocal Type Mezzo-soprano

Carmen Alvarez is an American actress.


Born in Hollywood, California, Alvarez was a singer and dancer predominantly on stage, though she also appeared in the film Foreplay.


Alvarez was a mainstay of the musical stage, initially as a dancer but later playing singing parts, notably as Moonbeam in Li'l Abner (as well as the the film adaptation) and Bye Bye Birdie, in which she played the leading role of Rose.

Alvarez also originated parts in several shows, including Angele Bernard in That Hat! and The Widow in Zorbá, and understudied several characters in The Apple Tree. Her final musical role was that of Helen McFudd in the Broadway revival of Irene.


Li'l Abner (1959)Edit

  • Put 'Em Back (contains solo lines)


Paint Your Wagon (1953)Edit

  • Trio (contains solo lines)
  • Whoop Ti-Ay! (contains solo lines)

The Pajama Game (1954)Edit

  • Her Is (duet)
  • Steam Heat (contains solo lines)
  • Hernando's Hideaway (contains solo lines)

Li'l Abner (1956)(originated the role)Edit

  • Put 'Em Back

West Side Story (1957)Edit

  • America (contains solo lines)
  • Quintet (contains solo lines)
  • A Boy Like That/I Have a Love (duet)

Bye Bye Birdie (1960)Edit

  • An English Teacher (solo)
  • A Healthy, Normal, American Boy (contains solo lines)
  • One Boy (Reprise)(solo)
  • What Did I Ever See in Him? (duet)
  • What Did I Ever See in Him? (Reprise)(solo)
  • Spanish Rose (solo)
  • Rosie (duet)

We Take the Town (1962)(originated the role)Edit

To Broadway with Love (1964)Edit

That Hat! (1964)(originated the role)Edit

  • Italian Straw Hat (duet)
  • Italian Straw Hat (reprise)(duet)
  • Sounds of the Day (contains solo lines)
  • My It's Been Grand (contains solo lines)

Decline and Fall of the Entire World As Seen Through the Eyes of Cole Porter (1965)(originated the role)Edit

The Yearling (1965)(originated the role)Edit

  • Bear Hunt (reprise)

The Apple Tree (1966)Edit

Eve (understudy)Edit
  • Here in Eden (solo)
  • Feelings (solo)
  • Friends (solo)
  • Go to Sleep Whatever You Are (solo)
  • What Makes Me Love Him (solo)
Princess Barbara (understudy)Edit
  • Forbidden Love (in Gaul)(duet)
  • I've Got What You Want (solo)
  • Tiger, Tiger (solo)
  • Which Door? (contains solo lines)
Ella & Passionella (understudy)Edit
  • Oh, To Be a Movie Star (solo)
  • Gorgeous (solo)
  • I Know (contains solo lines)
  • Wealth (solo)
  • George L. (duet)

Zorbá (1968)(originated the role)Edit

  • The Butterfly (contains solo lines)
  • Why Can't I Speak/That's a Beginning (contains solo lines)

Look to the Lilies (1970)(originated the role)Edit

  • Meet My Seester (contains solo lines)
  • I'd Sure Like to Give It a Shot (contains solo lines)

Irene (1973)Edit

  • Stepping on Butterflies (contains solo lines)
  • We're Getting Away with It (contains solo lines)

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