Charles Gray
Biographical Information
Born August 29th, 1928
Bournemouth, England
Died March 7th, 2000
London, England
Productions Expresso Bongo as Captain Cyril Mavors (original London cast)
Kean as Prince of Wales
The Rocky Horror Picture Show as The Criminologist
Shock Treatment as Judge Oliver Charles
Recordings Expresso Bongo (original cast recording)
Kean (original cast recording)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (soundtrack)
Shock Treatment (film soundtrack)
Vocal Type Baritone

Charles Gray was an English actor.


Born Donald Gray in Bournemouth, England, he became a theatre actor after a brief career as a clerk, using the stage name Charles to avoid sharing names with a fellow actor. He trained at the RSC and soon began making a name for himself on-screen as well, such as in The Entertainer with Laurence Olivier and Night of the Generals with Peter O'Toole.

He soon became recognised for his roles in the James Bond series, as short lived ally Dikko Henderson and as arch-villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, as well as for playing the Satanist Mocata in The Devil Rides Out. He also gained popularity for his role as Mycroft Holmes opposite Jeremy Brett as Sherlock.

Gray passed away in 2000.


One of Gray's earliest performances was on stage, as Captain Cyril Mavors in Expresso Bongo and later as the Prince of Wales in Kean.

On film, Gray made two singing/recitative performances, one both occasions in cult films by Richard O'Brien. In the first he played the Criminologist, who narrates the film and famously instructs viewers how to do "The Time Warp", whilst he played Judge Oliver Wright in its spiritual sequel Shock Treatment.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1973)Edit

  • The Time Warp (recitative)
  • Eddie's Teddy (contains solo lines)
  • Super Heroes (recitative)

Shock Treatment (1981)Edit

  • Anyhow, Anyhow (contains solo lines)


Expresso Bongo (1958)(originated the role)Edit

  • The Dip is Dipping (solo)
  • He's Got Something for the Public (contains solo lines)
  • Finale

Kean (1961)Edit

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