Charlie Chaplin
Biographical Information
Born April 16th, 1889
London, England
Died December 25th, 1977
Coursier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland
Productions The Circus as The Tramp
Modern Times as A Factory Worker
Limelight as Calvero
Vocal Type Tenor

Charlie Chaplin was an English actor and comedian.


Born in London, England to two stage performers, Chaplin followed his mother Hannah onto the stage, before going onto to work with impresario Fred Karno as a comedy performer. Whilst on tour in America he made his screen debut in Making a Living and soon after made his directorial debut with Caught in the Rain, as well as introducing "The Tramp" to screen audiences.

Chaplin became hugely successful as the director and star of silent comedies such as The Kid, The Gold Rush and Modern Times before transitioning into "talkies", most notably with the satirical The Great Dictator and Limelight, which he appeared in opposite his comic rival Buster Keaton.

Chaplin passed away on 1977.


Whilst Chaplin often wrote songs for his puctures, he also occasionally performed songs, singing "Swing, Little Girl" for the sound rerelease of The Circus and "Le cherche après Titine" in Modern Times. He also sang a number of songs in 1952's Limelight.


The Circus (1928)Edit

  • Swing, Little Girl (solo)

Modern Times (1936)Edit

  • Le cherche après Titine (solo)

Limelight (1952)Edit

  • The Animal Trainer (solo)
  • Spring is Here (solo)
  • The Life of a Sardine (solo)

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