Chi McBride
Biographical Information
Born September 23rd, 1961
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Recordings He's the Champ
For Your Bootay Only
Vocal Type Bass

Chi McBride is an American actor and singer.


Born Kenneth McBride in Chicago, Illinois, he began singing in gospel choirs and performing both as s solo artist and as a member of the band Covert, before beginning to appear in guest roles in such series as Married... With Children and The John Laroquette Show.

McBride then appeared in a number of films such as Gone in 60 Seconds, I, Robot and The Terminal as well as playing Emerson Cod in Pushing Daisies and Detective Winston in Human Target.


McBride began his career as a singer, releasing the solo He's the Champ as well as performing several songs with the band Covert, including "Bang Bang" and "Covert Operation."


He's the ChampEdit

  • He's the Champ

For Your Bootay Only (1991)Edit

  • Bang Bang (duet)
  • She Ain't Got No Bootay (duet)
  • Buff Partay (duet)
  • Let's Go Undercover (duet)
  • Do You Want Luv (duet)
  • Contagious (duet)
  • Be For Real (duet)
  • Exotic Thang (duet)
  • I Got Rules (duet)
  • Covert Operation (duet)

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