Christopher Walken
Biographical Information
Born March 31st, 1943
Astoria, New York, United States
Productions The Deer Hunter as Nick
Puss in Boots as Puss
Saturday Night Live
James Joyce's The Dead as Gabriel Conroy
Plots With a View as Frank Featherbed
Romance & Cigarettes as Cousin Bo
Hairspray as Wilbur Turnblad
The Jersey Boys as Gyp DeCarlo
Peter Pan Live! as Captain James Hook
The Jungle Book as King Louie
Recordings Hairspray (film soundtrack)
The Jersey Boys (film soundtrack)
Peter Pan Live!
The Jungle Book (film soundtrack)
Vocal Type Tenor

Christopher Walken is an American actor.


Born Ronald Walken in Astoria, Queens, he worked as a child actor and lion tamer before becoming a theatrical actor in such shows as Best Foot Forward and television series including Naked City and Hawaii Five-O. He made his screen debut in The Anderson Tapes and an early memorable role in Annie Hall before his Academy Award winning turn in The Deer Hunter.

Known for his diversity, Walken appeared in such varied films as Pennies from Heaven, A View to a Kill (as the nefarious Max Zorin), True Romance and Pulp Fiction. He received a later Academy Award nomination for Catch Me if You Can and a Tony Award for Martin McDonagh's A Behanding in Spokane.


A talented singer and dancer, Walken performed in a number of films, singing several numbers as the lead in Puss in Boots, performing "Delilah" and "Red-Headed Woman" karaoke-style in Romance & Cigarettes and duetting "(You're) Timeless to Me" in Hairspray.

Walken also appeared in the stage musical James Joyce's The Dead; as Gyp DeCarlo in The Jersey Boys, portrayed Captain Hook in the 2014 filmed production of Peter Pan and King Louie in the live action film The Jungle Book.


The Deer Hunter (1978)Edit

  • Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  • Down from Heaven
  • Dropkick Me Jesus

Puss in Boots (1988)Edit

  • A Happy Cat (duet)
  • I'll Watch Over You - Cat's Lullaby (solo)
  • Genteel (contains solo lines)
  • Stick Your Neck out Now and Then (contains solo lines)
  • A Happy Cat (Reprise)(contains solo lines)

Plots With a View (2002)Edit

  • Saying Goodbye

Romance & Cigarettes (2005)Edit

  • Delilah (solo)
  • Red-Headed Woman (contains solo lines)

Hairspray (2007)Edit

  • (You're) Timeless to Me (duet)

The Jersey Boys (2014)Edit

  • My Mother's Eyes (duet)

The Jungle Book (2016)Edit

  • I Wanna Be Like You (solo)


Saturday Night Live (1990)Edit

  • Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
  • Lady (solo)
  • Boulevard of Broken Balls (solo)

Peter Pan Live! (2014)Edit

  • Vengeance (contains solo lines)
  • Hook's Tango (contains solo lines)
  • Hook's Tarantella (contains solo lines)
  • A Wonderful World Without Peter (duet)
  • Captain Hook's Waltz (contains solo lines)


James Joyce's The Dead (2000)Edit

  • Parnell's Plight (contains solo lines)
  • Adieu to Ballyshannon (duet)
  • Goldenhair (duet)
  • Three Graces (contains solo lines)
  • Queen of Our Hearts (contains solo lines)
  • The Living and the Dead (contains solo lines)

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