Cliff Robertson
Biographical Information
Born September 9th, 1923
La Jolla, California, United States
Died September 10th, 2011
Stony Brook, New York, United States
Productions The Twilight Zone as Jerry Etherson
Vocal Type Baritone

Cliff Robertson was an American actor.


Born Clifford Robertson III in La Jolla, California, he was initially a United States Marine and journalist before being selected by Robert Kennedy to play him in PT 109. He trained at the Actor's Studio, and won an Academy Award for his leading role in Charly.

As well as his numerous film roles such as in Three Days of the Condor and Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, Robertson made a large number of television appearances including The Twilight Zone and Batman. He also played "Uncle" Ben Parker in the Spider-Man trilogy.

Robertson passed away in 2011.


Robertson gave only one singing performance in his lengthy career, performing "I Only Have Eyes For You" while guest starring on The Twilight Zone.


The Twilight Zone (1962)Edit

  • I Only Have Eyes For You (solo)

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