Copperfield is a stage musical based on the novel David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.



Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "I Don't Want a Boy" - Aunt Betsey Trotwood, Peggotty and Ensemble
  • "Mama, Don't Get Married" - Young David, Clara Copperfield and Peggotty
  • "Copperfield" - Young David, Mr. Quinion, Mealy Potatoes, Billy Mowcher, Mick Walker and Ensemble
  • "Something Will Turn Up" - Mr. Micawber, Young David, Creditors and Ensemble
  • "Anyone" - Young David
  • "Here's a Book" - Aunt Betsey Trotwood, Mr. Dick and Young David
  • "Here's a Book" (Reprise) - Betsey Trotwood, Mr. Dick and Adult David
  • "Umble" - Uriah Heep and Mrs. Heep
  • "The Circle Waltz" - Adult David, Dora Spenlow, Agnes Wickfield and Ensemble
Act II
  • "Up the Ladder" - Uriah Heep and Mr. Micawber
  • "I Wish He Knew" - Agnes Wickfield
  • "The Lights of London" - Adult David, Dora Spenlow and Company
  • "Umble" (Reprise) - Uriah Heep
  • "Something Will Turn Up" (Reprise) - Mr. Micawber and Adult David
  • "Villainy Is the Matter" - Adult David, Uriah Heep, Mr. Micawber, Agnes Wickfield, Aunt Betsey Trotwood, Mr. Dick, Mrs. Heep, Peggotty and Mrs. Micawber
  • "With the One I Love" - Adult David
  • "Something Will Turn Up" (Reprise) - Mr. Micawber and Ensemble
  • "Anyone" (Reprise) - Adult David and Agnes Wickfield

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