Cry For Us All.

Cry For Us All is a stage musical.



Musical numbersEdit

  • "See No Evil" - Miggsy, Flylegs, Cabbage and Street Rats
  • "The End of My Race" - Matt Stanton
  • "How Are Ya Since?" - Kathleen Stanton, Matt Stanton and Constituents
  • "The Mayor's Chair" - Edward Quinn
  • "The Cruelty Man" - Street Rats
  • "The Verandah Waltz" - Kathleen Stanton and Matt Stanton
  • "Home Free All" - Matt Stanton, Street Rats and Constituents
  • "The Broken Heart, or The Wages of Sin" - Street Rats
  • "The Confessional" - Matt Stanton and Father Maloney
  • "Who to Love if Not a Stranger?" - Kathleen Stanton
  • "Cry for Us All" - Petey Boyle and Mourners
  • "Swing Your Bag" - Bessie Legg
  • "Call In to Her" - Kathleen Stanton and Matt Stanton
  • "That Slavery Is Love" - Kathleen Stanton
  • "I Lost It" - Street Rats
  • "Aggie, Oh Aggie" - Edward Quinn
  • "The Leg of the Duck" - Petey Boyle
  • "This Cornucopian Land" - Matt Stanton and Constituents
  • "How Are Ya Since?" (Reprise) - Kathleen Stanton and Edward Quinn
  • "The Broken Heart, or The Wages of Sin" (Reprise) - Street Rats
  • "Cry for Us All" (Reprise) - Constituents

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