Danny Glover
Biographical Information
Born July 22nd, 1946
San Francisco, California, United States
Productions Beloved as Paul D
Honeydripper as Tyrone Purvis
Recordings Honeydripper (film soundtrack)
Vocal Type Baritone-Bass

Danny Glover is an American actor.


Born in San Francisco in 1946, Glover studied at the Black Actors' Workshop of the American Conservatory Theater. He became well known for his action roles throughout the 1980s most notably as Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon series and in Predator 2.

In later years, Glover became a part-time voice actor in films such as The Prince of Egypt, as well as a high-profile activist for black rights and against the Iraq War. He also played President Wilson in the blockbuster 2012 and made appearances in comedies like Death at a Funeral.


In his extensive career, Glover has sung solos on two occasions; as Paul D in Beloved and in the musical drama Honeydripper.


Beloved (1998)Edit

  • Little Rice, Little Bean (solo)
  • Black Women - Wild Ox Moan (solo)

Honeydripper (2007)Edit

  • Going Down Slow (solo)

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