David Buck
Biographical Information
Born October 17th, 1936
London, England
Died January 27th, 1989
Esher, England
Productions Mansfield Park as Mr Price
Vocal Type Baritone

David Buck was an English actor.


Born in London, England, Buck initially gained popularity as a television actor playing such leading roles as Horatio Hornblower and Winston Smith, before becoming a regular feature in filmed theatre productions and stage plays. He was also the Storyteller on three seperate episodes of Jackanory and the narrator on Mystery and Imagination.

Buck later expanded in film roles, including Hammer Horror roles like his wife, actress Madeleine Smith, and was a voice actor in The Lord of the Rings (as Gimli) and Dark Crystal (as SkekNa).

Buck passed away in 1989.


Buck only sang in one role in his career, as the hard drinking Mr. Price in the 1983 adaptation of Mansfield Park.


Mansfield Park (1983)Edit

  • Poor Jack (solo)