David Hemmings
Biographical Information
Born November 18th, 1941
Guildford, England
Died December 3rd, 2003
Bucharest, Ronania
Productions The Turn of the Screw as Miles
Little Sweep as Sammy Fisher
Be My Guest as Dave Martin
By Jeeves as Bertie Wooster (original London cast)
Recordings The Turn of the Screw (original cast recording)
Little Sweep (1956 cast recording)
By Jeeves (original cast recording)
Vocal Type Treble

David Hemmings is an English actor.


Born in Guildford, Surrey, Hemmings studied at the Arts Educational School and was a boy soprano/treble for several years for Benjamin Britten until his voice broke in 1956. Soon after, he began to make major film appearances, coming to public attention in Blowup.

Hemmings acted primarily during the 1960s, appearing in the cult classic Barbarella and in the title role of Alfred the Great. He would go on to direct on several occasions, including The 14 and several episodes of Magnum, P.I. In later years he continued to act, playing the bombastic fight commentator Cassius in Gladiator and British ex-pat Nigel in The League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

He passed away in 2003 whilst filming Blessed, which was dedicated to his memory.


Hemmings appeared in a number of major works during his boy soprano years, notably originating the role of Miles in The Turn of the Screw


Be My Guest (1965)Edit

  • Be My Guest (contains solo lines)


The Turn of the Screw (1954)(originated the role)Edit

Little Sweep (1956)Edit

  • Juliet! Juliet!
  • Pull the Rope Gently
  • Is he Wounded? (contains solo lines)
  • Marching Song
  • Oh Why Do You Weep? (contains solo lines)
  • Morning Sammy (contains solo lines)

By Jeeves (1975)(originated the role)Edit

  • Code of the Woosters (solo)
  • Travel Hopefully (duet)
  • Today (duet)
  • When Love Arrives (duet)
  • Today (Reprise)(duet)
  • Jeeves Is Past His Peak (solo)
  • Eulalie (duet)
  • Banjo Boy (solo)

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