Diana Coupland
Biographical Information
Born March 5th, 1928
Leeds, England
Died November 10th, 2006
Coventry, England
Productions Flannelfoot as The Singer
Betrayed as Carla Van Oven (singing voice)
Make Me an Offer as Sally (original London cast)
Dr. No as Honey Ryder (singing voice)
Gigi as Gigi
Recordings Make Me an Offer (original cast recording)
Bless This House

Diana Coupland was a British actress and singer.


Born Betty Diana Coupland in Leeds, the West Riding of Yorkshire, she was unable to take up a career as a ballet dancer but instead became a singer, having appeared on the radio from the age of eleven. When she grew up, Coupland became a hotel singer and later appeared in films as an actress and dubbing voice.

Coupland made her breakthrough as Jean Abbott in the sitcom Bless This House and its subsequent film adaptation and made later appearances in films such as The Millionairess and series including One Foot in the Grave. She passed away in 2006.


Singing professionally from a young age, Coupland was spotted and ultimately cast in the musical Make Me an Offer, and would also dub several actresses' singing voices, notably Lana Turner in Betrayed and Ursula Andress in Dr. No.

In 1985 she would make her return to the musical stage in a revival of Gigi, playing the title role.


Flannelfoot (1953)Edit

  • Fascinating Man (solo)

Betrayed (1954)Edit

  • Johnny Come Home (solo)

Dr. No (1962)Edit

  • Underneath the Mango Tree (solo)
  • Kingston Calypso (solo)


Make Me an Offer (1959)(originated the role)Edit

  • The Pram Song (duet)
  • If I Was A Man (contains solo lines)
  • Love Him (solo)
  • Sally's Lullaby (duet)
  • It's Sort Of Romantic (duet)

Gigi (1985)Edit

  • The Earth and Other Minor Things (solo)
  • The Night They Invented Champagne (contains solo lines)
  • I Never Want To Go Home Again (contains solo lines)
  • In This Wide, Wide World (solo)


Bless This House (1973)Edit

  • Bless This House (solo)
  • Kids Say the Darndest Things (solo)

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