Doretta Morrow
Biographical Information
Born January 27th, 1927
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Died February 28th, 1968
London, England
Productions Shooting Star
The Red Mill as Gretchen
Where's Charley? as Kitty Verdun (original Broadway cast)
Knickerbocker Holiday as Tina Tienhoven
The King and I as Tuptim (original Broadway cast)
Miss Liberty as Monique DuPont (video)
The Beggar's Opera as Polly Peachum
Kismet as Marsinah (original Broadway cast/original London cast)
Once Upon an Eastertime as Sally
The Adventures of Marco Polo as The Girls (original cast)
Fanny as Fanny
Aladdin as The Princess (original London cast)
Recordings The King and I (original cast recording)
Kismet (original cast recording)
The Adventures of Marco Polo (original cast recording)

Doretta Morrow was an American actress.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, she studied piano and singing whilst living in Italy, and in 1945 was cast in her first musical, though it failed to make it to Broadway. The following year however, she made her Broadway debut in The Red Mill to some success, leading to a number of appearances on variety shows.

Morrow was best known for her origination of several hit stage roles, but only appeared in one film, Because You're Mine. She passed away in 1968.


Morrow had a remarkable musical career in which she originated several major roles, namely Kitty Verdun in Where's Charley?, Tuptim in The King and I and Marsinah in Kismet.

She also appeared in the original London production of Cole Porter's Aladdin.


Knickerbocker Holiday (1950)Edit

  • It Never Was You (duet)
  • Will You Remember Me? (contains solo lines)
  • We Are Cut in Twain (duet)

Miss Liberty (1951)Edit

  • Let's Take an Old-Fashioned Walk (contains solo lines)
  • Paris Wakes Up and Smiles (contains solo lines)
  • Just One Way to Say I Love You (duet)
  • Miss Liberty
  • The Train (contains solo lines)
  • You Can Have Him (duet)
  • Me and My Bundle (contains solo lines)
  • Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor (contains solo lines)

The Beggar's Opera (1952)Edit

  • Can Love Be Controlled By Advice? (solo)


Shooting Star (1945)Edit

The Red Mill (1946)Edit

  • (In) the Isle of Our Dreams (duet)
  • Moonbeams (contains solo lines)

Where's Charley? (1948)(originated the role)Edit

  • Better Get Out Of Here (contains solo lines)
  • My Darling, My Darling (duet)
  • At The Red Rose Cotillion (contains solo lines)
  • Finale

The King and I (1951)(originated the role)Edit

  • My Lord and Master (solo)
  • We Kiss in a Shadow (duet)
  • I Have Dreamed (duet)

Kismet (1953)(originated the role)Edit

  • Rhymes Have I (duet)
  • My Magic Lamp (solo)
  • Baubles, Bangles and Beads (solo)
  • Stranger in Paradise (duet)
  • Stranger in Paradise (Reprise)(solo)
  • And This Is My Beloved (contains solo lines)
  • Finale

Once Upon an Eastertime (1954)(originated the role)(video)Edit

The Adventures of Marco Polo (1956)(originated the role)(video)Edit

  • You'll Be Seeing Me (solo)
  • Xanadu (contains solo lines)
  • Silver Bells (solo)
  • The Garden of Imagining (contains solo lines)

Fanny (1957)Edit

  • Does He Know? (duet)
  • I Have to Tell You (solo)
  • The Sailing (contains solo lines)
  • Act One Finale
  • Birthday Song (contains solo lines)
  • The Thought of You (duet)
  • Other Hands, Other Hearts (contains solo lines)
  • Fanny (Reprise)(contains solo lines)
  • Montage
  • Be Kind to Your Parents (duet)

Aladdin (1959)Edit

  • Aladdin (contains solo lines)
  • I Adore You (duet)
  • Cherry Pies Ought to be You (duet)
  • I Am Loved (contains solo lines)

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