Drop the Dead Donkey.

Drop the Dead Donkey is a sitcom written by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin.


Singing cast (regular)Edit

Singing cast (recurring/guest)Edit

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When media mogul Sir Roysten Merchant buys Globelink News, life at the TV station changes forever. Staffers struggle to help editor George Dent maintain the standards of a serious news business, while Gus Hedges, Sir Royston's right-hand man, tries to make the stories as sensational as possible - and to make sure no stories that might damage Sir Roysten's business empire ever make it on-air.

Musical numbersEdit

Series OneEdit

The Big DayEdit

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Lenny

Series ThreeEdit

Helen'll Fix ItEdit

  • The Sun Has Got His Hat On - Sally

Lady MerchantEdit

  • I Could Have Danced All Night - George


  • Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Joy

Series FourEdit

Helen's ParentsEdit

  • Spread a Little Happiness - George

Henry's AutobiographyEdit

  • If I Were a Rich Man - Henry

The StrikeEdit

  • I'm Sitting on Top of the World - Gus

The WeddingEdit

  • These Boots Are Made for Walking - Joy
  • There's No One Quite Like Grandma - Sally
  • I Don't Like Mondays - George

Series FiveEdit

The Godless SocietyEdit

  • Old McDonald Had a Farm - Joy, Henry, Dave and Staff

Charnley in LoveEdit

  • Football's Coming Home - Joy, Helen and Staff
  • Football's Coming Home (reprise) - Tony Banks MP and Annie Coates

Dave and DianaEdit

  • Going to Barbados - Henry

Series SixEdit

But is it Art?Edit

  • Love Hurts - Bernice and Helen

George Finds LoveEdit

  • Boom-oo-ya-ta-ta-ta - Damien, Dave, Joy and Henry