Edie Mirman
Biographical Information
Born New York City, New York, United States
Productions Digimon: Digital Monsters as Gatomon

Edie Mirman is an American actress.


Born in New York City, Mirman began working as a dubbing artist for a number of animated productions, notably Tales of the Wolf and Digimon: Digital Monsters, where she plays the heroic former servant of evil Gatomon.

Mirman also provided additional voices for a large number of Western productions, including Mulan and Despucable Me as well as video games such as Star Wars: Masters of the Teras Kasi.


Mirman had her only singing role in Digimon: Digital Monsters as Gatomon, in which she sings the bluesy "Gatomon's Song" while attempting to catch a fish.


Digimon: Digital Monsters (1999)Edit

  • Gatomon's Song (solo)

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