Eunice Gayson
Biographical Information
Born March 17th, 1931
Croydon, England
Productions The Sound of Music as Elsa Schraeder (original London cast)
Into the Woods as Cinderella's Mother/Giant/Grandmother (original London cast)
Recordings The Sound of Music (original London cast)
Into the Woods (original London cast)
Vocal Type Mezzo-soprano

Eunice Gayson is an English actress.


Born Eunice Sargaison in Croydon, London, Gayson made her screen debut in 1948 and appeared in such films as Down Among the Z Men and Carry On Admiral before her best known role playing Sylvia Trench in the first two James Bond films, having initially been shortlisted for the part of Miss Moneypenny.

Gayson also appeared in several television programmes including The Saint with future Bond actor Roger Moore, and the classic spy caper series The Avengers.


Gayson made two singing appearances on stage (including singing on the cast recordings for both productions), namely playing Elsa Schraeder and Cinderella's Mother (among others) in the London casts of The Sound of Music and Into the Woods.


The Sound of Music (1961)Edit

  • How Can Love Survive? (contains solo lines)

Into the Woods (1991)Edit

  • Cinderella at the Grave (duet)

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