Gantry is a stage musical based on the 1927 novel Elmer Gantry.



Based on the 1927 novel Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis, it tells the story of a womanizing, self-righteous, self-proclaimed preacher who joins forces with a female evangelist to sell religion to small-town America.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "Wave a Hand" - Tom and Revival Troupe
  • "He Was There" - Gantry, Troupe and Townspeople
  • "Play Ball with the Lord" - Gantry, Troupe and Townspeople
  • "Katie Jonas" - Sharon
  • "Thanks, Sweet Jesus!" - Gantry and Townspeople
  • "Someone I've Already Found" - Gantry
  • "He's Never Too Busy" - Sharon, Gantry, Bill, Adelberta and Revival Troupe
  • "We're Sharin' Sharon" - Gantry
Act II
  • "We Can All Give Love" - Sharon, Adelberta and Townspeople
  • "Foresight" - Babbitt, Gunch, Trosper and Prout
  • "These Four Walls" - Sharon
  • "Show Him the Way" - Gantry and Townspeople
  • "The Promise of What I Could Be" - Gantry
  • "Gantry's Reaction" - Gantry
  • "We're Sharin' Sharon" (Reprise) - Gantry

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