Gary Dubin
Biographical Information
Born May 5th, 1959
Edinburgh, Scotland
Died October 8th, 2016
Burbank, California, USA
Productions The Aristocats as Toulouse
Recordings The Aristocats (soundtrack)
Vocal Type Tenor

Gary Dubin is a Scottish actor.


Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Dubin began his career as a child actor mostly appearing in television shows such as Family Affair and The Good Life, though he also appeared in several films including Diamonds Are Forever. He also had a recurring role in The Partridge Family.

In later years Dubin became best known as a voice actor, and often dubbed foreign productions into English, frequently Japanese anime shows such as Super Dimension Century Orguss.

Dubin passed away in 2016.


Dubin only sang once in role, as the kitten Toulouse in Walt Disney's The Aristocats, which is perhaps his best known role.


The Aristocats (1970)Edit

  • Scales and Arpeggios (contains solo lines)

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