Haley Bennett
Biographical Information
Born January 7th, 1988
Fort Myers, Florida, United States
Productions Music and Lyrics as Cora Corman
Recordings Music and Lyrics (film soundtrack)

Haley Bennett is an American actress.


Born Haley Keeling in Fort Myers, she attended Barbizon Modelling and Acting School, she made her film debut in Music and Lyrics in which she also performed several songs on the soundtrack.

Following her debut, Bennett made several more film appearances including in Marley and Me and the remake of The Equaliser, as well as beginning a singing career.


Bennett has had one singing role, as the popstar Cora Corman in Music and Lyrics.


Music and Lyrics (2007)Edit

  • Buddha's Delight (solo)
  • Entering Bootytown (solo)
  • Slam (solo)
  • Way Back Into Love (duet)
  • Invincible (solo)

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