This is about the film. For the stage musical, see Half a Sixpence (musical).


Half a Sixpence.

Half a Sixpence is a 1967 film based on the stage musical of the same name.


Singing rolesEdit

Non-singing rolesEdit


Musical numbersEdit

  • "All in the Cause of Economy" - Artie, Pearce, and Apprentices
  • "Half a Sixpence" - Artie and Ann
  • "Money to Burn" - Artie, Harry, Helen, and Chorus
  • "I Don't Believe A Word of It/I'm Not Talking to You" - Ann and Friends, Artie, Pearce, and Apprentices
  • "A Proper Gentleman" - Chorus
  • "She's Too Far Above Me" - Artie
  • "If the Rain's Got to Fall" - Artie, Children, and Chorus
  • "Lady Botting's Boating Regatta Cup Racing Song" - Artie and Chorus
  • "Flash, Bang, Wallop!" - Artie, Pearce, and Chorus
  • "I Know What I Am" - Ann
  • "This Is My World" - Artie
  • "Finale: Half a Sixpence (reprise)/Flash, Bang, Wallop" (reprise) - Artie, Ann and Chorus