This is about the 1987 film. For the 1958 film, see Hansel and Gretel (1958 film).


Hansel and Gretel.

Hansel and Gretel is a film based on the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale of the same name.



Hansel and Gretel are the offspring of an impoverished woodcutter and his wife who wander into the woods. They are trapped in the deceptively decorated house of the witch Griselda who wishes to fatten Hansel so that he may be baked into a delicious gingerbread treat.

Musical numbersEdit

  • "Punch & Judy's Dance - Punch, Judy and Children
  • "Punch & Judy's Dance (reprise) - Hansel and Gretel
  • "Oh, What a Day" - Father
  • "Sugar and Spice" - Witch
  • "Thr Fairy Song" - Gretel
  • "The Witch is Dead" - Children

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