Honor Blackman
Biographical Information
Born August 22nd, 1925
Plaistow, England
Productions Mr. and Mrs. as Doris/Laura Jesson (original London cast)
The Sound of Music as Elsa Schraeder
On Your Toes as Peggy Porterfield
Nunsense as Sister Mary Regina
Cabaret as Fraulein Schneider
Recordings Kinky Boots
Everything I've Got
Before Today
Mr. and Mrs. (original cast recording)
The Sound of Music (1981 Revival Cast)
Nunsense (1987 London cast)
Vocal Type Alto

Honor Blackman is an English actress.


Born in Plaistow, London, Blackman trained at Guildhall School of Music and Drama and made a non-speaking film debut in Fame is the Spur before appearing in such films as A Night to Remember and Jason and the Argonauts. Her best known roles came playing Cathy Gale in the television series The Avengers and Pussy Galore in Goldfinger.

Blackman continued to make appearances both on stage, on television in such programmes as Columbo and Doctor Who as well as further film roles in Shalako, Something Big and Bridget Jones' Diary.


Blackman made a number of stage appearances, originating the roles of Doris and Laura Jesson in Mr. and Mrs. as well as appearing as Elsa in The Sound of Music and Sister Mary Regina in the first London production of Nunsense.

In addition to her stage appearances, Blackman appeared on two albums, duetting with her Avengers costar Patrick Macnee on "Kinky Boots" and "Let's Keep It Friendly" and releasing her own entitled Everything I've Got in 1964 and Before Today in 1968.


Mr. and Mrs. (1968)(originated the role)Edit

  • Happy Family (contains solo lines)
Laura JessonEdit
  • Father Of Two, Mother Of Three (duet)
  • Come Thursday (duet)
  • Before Today (duet)
  • I'll Be Always Loving You (duet)
  • Finale

The Sound of Music (1981)Edit

  • How Can Love Survive? (contains solo lines)

On Your Toes (1984)Edit

  • Too Good for the Average Man (duet)
  • The Heart Is Quicker Than the Eye (duet)
  • Finale

Nunsense (1987)Edit

  • Welcome (solo)
  • Opening Remarks (duet)
  • Taking Responsibility (solo)
  • Word from the Reverend Mother (solo)
  • Turn Up the Spotlight (solo)
  • Lilacs Bring Back Memories (contains solo lines)
  • An Unexpected Discovery (solo)
  • Tackle That Temptation with a Time Step
  • Just a Coupl'a Sisters (duet)
  • Baking with the BVM (contains solo lines)
  • Gloria in Excelsis Deo
  • Closing Remarks (contains solo lines)
  • Nunsense Is Habit Forming (Reprise)

Cabaret (2007)Edit

  • So What? (solo)
  • It Couldn't Please Me More (duet)
  • Married (duet)
  • What Would You Do? (solo)


Kinky Boots (1964)Edit

  • Kinky Boots (duet)
  • Let's Keep It Friendly (duet)
  • I Wish I Never Loved You (solo)
  • Men Will Deceive You (solo)

Everything I've Got (1964)Edit

  • Everything I've Got (solo)
  • Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup (solo)
  • Men Will Deceive You (solo)
  • I Wish I Never Loved You (solo)
  • Den Of Iniquity (solo)
  • World Without Love (solo)
  • Remind Me (solo)
  • To Keep My Love Alive (solo)
  • C'est Drôle (solo)
  • I Wouldn't Walk Across The Street (solo)
  • Tomorrow Is My Turn (solo)
  • I Want A Fair And Square Man (solo)

Before Today (1968)Edit

  • Before Today (solo)
  • I’ll Always Be Loving You (solo)

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