I Can Get it for You Wholesale.

I Can Get it for you Wholesale is a stage musical based on the Jerome Weidman book of the same name.



Harry Bogen is an ambitious, unscrupulous young businessman in the 1930s New York City garment industry. He will stop at nothing to get to the top: he lies to his mother and his girlfriend, Ruthie Rivkin, who try to help him become a better person, but he embezzles company funds from Apex Modes and betrays his friends and partners. Harry leaves Ruthie to take up with Martha Mills, a dancer in Club Rio Rhumba, but when he loses his friends and goes bankrupt, his mother and Ruthie stand by him.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "I'm Not a Well Man" - Miss Marmelstein and Mr. Pulvermacher
  • "The Way Things Are" - Harry Bogen
  • "When Gemini Meets Capricorn" - Ruthie Rivkin and Harry Bogen
  • "Momma, Momma, Momma" - Harry Bogen and Mrs. Bogen
  • "The Sound of Money" - Harry Bogen, Martha Mills, Mitzi, Mario and Eddie
  • "The Family Way" - Mrs. Bogen, Harry Bogen, Ruthie Rivkin, Teddy Asch, Blanche Bushkin and Meyer Bushkin
  • "Too Soon" - Mrs. Bogen
  • "Who Knows?" - Ruthie Rivkin
  • "Have I Told You Lately?" - Blanche Bushkin and Meyer Bushkin
  • "Ballad of the Garment Trade" - Miss Marmelstein, Ruthie Rivkin, Blanche Bushkin, Harry Bogen, Teddy Asch, Meyer Bushkin and Company
Act II
  • "A Gift Today" - Sheldon Bushkin, Harry Bogen, Mrs. Bogen, Blanche Bushkin, Meyer Bushkin and Ruthie Rivkin
  • "Miss Marmelstein" - Miss Marmelstein
  • "The Sound of Money" (Reprise) - Harry Bogen
  • "A Funny Thing Happened" - Ruthie Rivkin and Harry Bogen
  • "What's in It for Me?" - Teddy Asch and Martha Mills
  • "What Are They Doing to Us Now?" - Miss Marmelstein, Buggo, Tootsie Maltz, Manette, Gail, Miss Springer and Creditors
  • "Eat a Little Something" - Mrs. Bogen and Harry Bogen
  • "Epilogue" - The Company

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