I Do! I Do!

I Do! I Do! is a musical based on the stage play The Fourposter by Jan de Hartog.



Musical numbersEdit

Prologue/Act I
  • "All the Dearly Beloved/Together Forever/I Do! I Do!" - Both
  • "Good Night" - Both
  • "I Love My Wife" - He
  • "Something Has Happened" - She
  • "My Cup Runneth Over" - Both
  • "Love Isn't Everything" - Both
  • "Nobody's Perfect" - Both
  • "A Well Known Fact" - He
  • "Flaming Agnes" - She
  • "The Honeymoon Is Over" - Both
Act II
  • "Where Are the Snows?" - Both
  • "When the Kids Get Married" - Both
  • "The Father of the Bride" - He
  • "What Is a Woman?" - She
  • "Someone Needs Me" - She
  • "Roll Up the Ribbons" - Both
  • "This House" - Both

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