I and Albert.

I and Albert is a stage musical based on the lives of Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert.



Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "Vivat! Vivat Regina!" - Victoria and Ensemble
  • "It Has All Begun" - Duchess of Kent
  • "Leave It Alone" - Lord Melbourne
  • "I've 'Eard The Bloody 'Indoos 'As It Worse" - Ensemble
  • "This Gentle Land, This Noble Land" - Lord Melbourne, Victoria, Albert, Lord Palmerston and the Cabinet
  • "I and Albert" - Victoria
  • "Enough!/Victoria" - Victoria and Albert
Act II
  • "All Glass!/The Genius Of Man
  • "His Royal Highness" - Lord Gladstone and Duchess of Kent
  • "Just You and Me" - Albert and Victoria
  • "Draw The Blinds" - Victoria
  • "The Widow At Windsor" - Ensemble
  • "No One To Call Me Victoria" - Victoria
  • "When You Speak With A Lady" - Disraeli
  • "Go It, Old Girl!" - Ensemble
  • "Finale" - Victoria

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