Irma La Douce.

Irma La Douce is a French musical.



Irma La Douce is a successful prostitute, living in Paris. A poor law student, Nestor le Fripé, falls in love with her and is jealous of her clients. In order to keep her for himself, he assumes the disguise of a rich older man, "Oscar", and takes many jobs.

Finally no longer able to sustain his exhausting life, he "kills" Oscar, is convicted of murder, and is transported to the Devil's Island penal colony. He escapes and returns to Paris, and proves that he is innocent. He and Irma reunite.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "Valse Milieu" - Bob
  • "Sons of France" — The Mecs, Polyte and Police Inspector
  • "The Bridge of Caulaincourt" — Irma and Nestor
  • "Our Language of Love" Irma and Nestor
  • "She's Got The Lot" - Police Inspector and Irma's Admirers
  • "Our Language of Love (Reprise)" — Irma
  • "Dis-Donc" - Irma
  • "Le Grisbi is le Root of le Evil in Man" - Bob, Nestor and the Mecs
  • "Wreck of a Mec" - Nestor
  • "That's a Crime" - Bob, Nestor and the Mecs
Act II
  • "The Bridge of Caulaincourt (Reprise)" — Irma and Nestor
  • "From a Prison Cell" - Nestor and the Mecs
  • "Irma-la-Douce" - Irma-La-Douce
  • "There Is Only One Paris for That" - Nestor, the Mecs and Prisoners
  • "The Freedom of the Seas" - Nestor and the Mecs
  • "There Is Only One Paris for That (Reprise)" —Nestor and the Mecs
  • "Our Language of Love (Reprise)" - Irma
  • "But" — Nestor, Police Inspector, Tax Inspector, M. Bougne and Polyte
  • "Christmas Child" - Company

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