Jack Davenport
Biographical Information
Born March 1st, 1973
Suffolk, England
Productions This Life as Miles Stewart
The Talented Mr. Ripley as Peter Smith-Kingsley
Smash as Derek Wills
Vocal Type Baritone

Jack Davenport is an English actor.


Born in Suffolk, Davenport initially had no interest in becoming an actor despite it being the career of both his parents, but after writing a letter to John Cleese asking if he could work as a crewmember, Davenport was instead cast in a bit part in Fierce Creatures. This helped him secure a succesful venture on television with This Life.

After the series finished, Davenport became a highly sought after character actor in films, appearing in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, the comedy The Boat That Rocked, and spy comedy-thriller Kingsman.


Davenport has a handful of singing credits to his name, both on the big screen (with The Talented Mr. Ripley) and in smaller ventures, such as This Life and Smash.


The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)Edit

  • We're Called Gondolieri (duet)


This Life (1996)Edit

  • What a Wonderful World (solo)

Smash (2013)Edit

  • Under Pressure

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