Jane Leeves
Biographical Information
Born April 18th, 1961
Ilford, England
Productions Frasier as Daphne Moon
James and the Giant Peach as Ladybug
Cabaret as Sally Bowles
Hot in Cleveland as Joy Scroggs
What About Dick? as Emma Schlegel
Recordings James and the Giant Peach (soundtrack)
NBC Celebrity Christmas
What About Dick? (original cast recording)
Vocal Type Mezzo-soprano

Jane Leeves is an English actress.


Born in Ilford, Essex, Leeves trained as a ballet dancer before becoming a model and being cast in The Benny Hill Show and as a dancer in Monty Python's Meaning of Life. She gained her first major recurring role in Murphy Brown before being cast as the Mancunian housekeeper Daphne Moon in the long-running series Frasier.

Leeves subsequently began working as a voice actress in films such as James and the Giant Peach and The Penguins of Madagascar. She also appeared in another regular television role as Joy Scroggs in Hot in Cleveland.


Leeves has sung a number of times in a number of different mediums; on a number of occasions in her most famous role in Frasier (the most notable perhaps being duetting "Heart and Soul" with David Hyde Pierce), and three songs as the voice of the Ladybug in James and the Giant Peach.

Leeves also contributed to the charity album "NBC Celebrity Christmas" performing "Winter Wonderland", and the following year appeared as Sally Bowles in the Broadway production of Cabaret.


James and the Giant Peach (1996)Edit

  • That's the Life (contains solo lines)
  • That's the Life (reprise)
  • Eating the Peach (contains solo lines)
  • Family (contains solo lines)


Frasier (1993)Edit

  • She's Such a Groovy Lady (contains solo lines)
  • Buttons and Bows
  • Who's That Grouchy Ghost I See (solo)
  • Heart and Soul (duet)
  • I Feel Pretty (solo)

Hot in Cleveland (2011)Edit

  • Some Kind of Wonderful


Cabaret (2002)Edit

  • Don't Tell Me (contains solo lines)
  • Mein Herr (solo)
  • Perfectly Marvellous (duet)
  • Maybe This Time (solo)
  • Cabaret (solo)
  • Finale Ultimo (contains solo lines)

What About Dick? (2012)Edit


NBC Celebrity Christmas (2001)Edit

  • Winter Wonderland (solo)

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