Janet Devenish
Biographical Information
Born August 18th, 1965
Manchester, England
Productions Half a Sixpence as Ann Pornick
42nd Street as Ensemble
The Phantom of the Opera as Meg Giry (original London cast)
The Baker's Wife as Nicole (original London cast)
Blitz! as Cissy Blitzein
Lust as Prudence/Maid/Hag (original London cast)
Chicago as Liz/Annie
Recordings The Phantom of the Opera (original cast recording)
The Baker's Wife (original cast recording)
Selected Highlights from Lust
Vocal Type Mezzo-soprano

Janet Devenish is an English actress.


Janet Devenish studied at Bush Davies School and initially worked as a ballet dancer (appearing in the music video for Nik Kershaw's "Bring on the Dancing Girls") and touring with Lewis London Ballet before making her stage musical debut in 1984 in 42nd Street at Druruy Lane. She went on to make a number of appearances in original productions, including creating the role of Meg Giry in The Phantom of the Opera.  

Janet taught from the age of 18 and worked at Stella Mann College and Bodywork before becoming a Head of Tring Park Asscociates and Associated Courses Coordinator at Tring Park. She choreographed and directed a number of stage productions as well as working as assistant choreographer on the film Molly Moon.


Janet Devenish played several vital musical roles, notably originating the part of Meg Giry in The Phantom of the Opera and later that of Nicole in The Baker's Wife. She also played such roles as Cissy Blitzein in Blitz! and Liz and Annie in Chicago.


Half a Sixpence (1982)Edit

  • Half a Sixpence (duet)
  • Long Ago (duet)
  • Flash Bang Wallop (contains solo lines)
  • I Know What I Am (solo)
  • Half a Sixpence (Reprise)(duet)
  • Finale

42nd Street (1984)Edit

The Phantom of the Opera (1986)(originated the role)Edit

  • Hannibal (contains solo lines)
  • Angel of Music (contains solo lines)
  • Notes (contains solo lines)
  • Prima Donna (contains solo lines)
  • Masquerade (contains solo lines)
  • Don Juan Triumphant
  • Grand Finale

The Baker's Wife (1989)(originated the role)Edit

  • If it wasn't for you (contains solo lines)
  • Romance (contains solo lines)
  • Feminine Companionship (contains solo lines)
  • Buzz-a-buzz-a-buzz (contains solo lines)
  • Chanson

Blitz! (1991)Edit

  • Our Hotel
  • Who's This Geezer Hitler?
  • Leave it to the ladies
  • Be What You Wanna Be
  • Mums And Dads
  • Is This Gonna Be A Wedding?

Lust (1993)(originated the role)Edit

  • Lust
  • Serve The Dog Right (contains solo lines)
  • A Pox on Love and Wenching (contains solo lines)
  • Wait and See/Lust (reprise)
  • Lust (second reprise)
  • Vengeance
  • We Thank You / Lust (reprise)

Chicago (1993)Edit

  • Cellblock Tango (contains solo lines)
  • Cellblock Tango (contains solo lines)