Joel Robertson
Biographical Information
Born December 19th, 1950
New Jersey, United States
Productions Don't Step on My Olive Branch (original Broadway cast)
Cats as Ensemble (original Broadway cast)
Les Misérables as Jean Valjean/Combeferre/Ensemble
Parade as Ensemble, Understudy:

J. N. Starnes/Luther Rosser/Mr. Peavy/Officer Ivey/Aide
Jekyll & Hyde as the Bishop of Basingstoke
Sunset Boulevard as Max Von Mayerling
Annie as Daddy Warbucks

Vocal Type Baritone

Joel Robertson is an American actor.


Born in 1950 in New Jersey, he became a stage actor from a young age and married actress Kathleen Kellaigh.

Robertson also played the non-singing role of Fyedka in Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway and in the National Tour. He played Santa Claus at the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.


Robertson made his debut in the Jewish musical Don't Step on My Olive Branch before spending six years in the original Broadway cast of Cats and nine years in Les Misérables in various roles, including taking over the part of Jean Valjean.

In 1998 he was part of the ensemble in Parade, as well as understudying various roles, and took over the role of Rupert Basil, the Bishop of Basingstoke in Jekyll & Hyde. In 2012 he played both Lazar Wolf in Fiddler on the Roof and Max Von Mayerling in Sunset Boulevard before playing Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks in Annie.


Don't Step on My Olive Branch (1976)Edit

Cats (1982)Edit

Les Misérables (1987)Edit

  • Work Song
  • On Parole (contains solo lines)
Factory ForemanEdit
  • At the End of the Day (contains solo lines)
  • Red and Black (contains solo lines)
  • Do You Hear the People Sing? (contains solo lines)
  • One Day More
  • At the Barricade (contains solo lines)
  • Javert's Arrival (contains solo lines)
  • Night of Anguish (contains solo lines)
  • First Attack (contains solo lines)
  • Drink With Me
  • Dawn of Anguish
  • The Final Battle (contains solo lines)
  • Epilogue
Jean ValjeanEdit
  • Work Song (contains solo lines)
  • On Parole (contains solo lines)
  • Valjean's Soliloquy (solo)
  • At the End of the Day (contains solo lines)
  • Fantine's Arrest (contains solo lines)
  • The Runaway Cart (contains solo lines)
  • Who Am I? (solo)
  • Come With Me (duet)
  • Confrontation (duet)
  • The Well Scene (duet)
  • The Waltz of Treachery (contains solo lines)
  • The Robbery (contains solo lines)
  • Attack on the Rue Plumet (contains solo lines)
  • One Day More (contains solo lines)
  • The Letter (duet)
  • First Attack (contains solo lines)
  • Valjean and Javert (duet)
  • Bring Him Home (solo)
  • The Second Attack (contains solo lines)
  • The Sewers (duet)
  • Every Day (contains solo lines)
  • Valjean's Confession (duet)
  • Valjean's Death (contains solo lines)
  • Epilogue

Parade (1998)Edit

J.N. Starnes (understudy)Edit
  • Interrogation: I Am Trying to Remember (contains solo lines)
  • Somethin' Ain't Right (contains solo lines)
Officer Ivey (understudy)Edit
  • Interrogation: I Am Trying to Remember (contains solo lines)
  • Somethin' Ain't Right (contains solo lines)

Jekyll & Hyde (2001)Edit

  • Facade
  • Jekyll's Plea (contains solo lines)

Fiddler on the Roof (2012)Edit

  • Tradition
  • To Life (contains solo lines)
  • Sunrise, Sunset
  • Anatevka

Sunset Boulevard (2012)Edit

  • Greatest Star of All (solo)
  • Back at the House on Sunset (duet)
  • New Year's Eve (duet)
  • Paramount Conversations (contains solo lines)
  • New Ways to Dream (reprise)(solo)
  • Final Scene (contains solo lines)

Annie (2013)Edit

  • N.Y.C. (contains solo lines)
  • N.Y.C. (reprise)/Lullaby (solo)
  • You Won't Be an Orphan For Long (duet)
  • Tomorrow (Cabinet reprise)(contains solo lines)
  • Something Was Missing (solo)
  • I Don't Need Anything But You (duet)
  • A New Deal for Christmas (contains solo lines)
  • Finale

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