This is about the 1967 film. For the earlier film adaptation, see Kismet (1955 film). For the musical on which they were both based, see Kismet (musical).



Kismet is a television film adaptation of the musical of the same name.



Musical numbersEdit

  • "Rhymes Have I" - Hajj and Marsinah
  • "Fate" - Hajj
  • "Not Since Nineveh" - Lalumne, Dancers and Citizens
  • "Baubles, Bangles and Beads" - Marsinah and Dancers
  • "Stranger in Paradise" - Marsinah and The Caliph
  • "He's in Love!" - Guards and Citizens
  • "Gesticulate" - Hajj and Citizens
  • "Night of My Nights" - The Caliph and Servants
  • "Was I Wazir?" - Wazir and Guards
  • "And This Is My Beloved" - Hajj and Marsinah

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