Lauren Bacall
Biographical Information
Born September 16th, 1924
New York City, New York, United States
Died August 12th, 2014
New York City, New York, United States
Productions To Have and Have Not as Marie "Slim" Browning
The Big Sleep as Vivian Rutledge
Sex and the Single Girl as Sylvia
Applause as Margo Channing (original Broadway cast/video)
The Shootist as Bond Rogers
Wonderful Town as Ruth Sherwood
The Fan as Sally Rogers
Woman of the Year as Tess Harding (original Broadway cast)
Recordings Applause (original cast recording)
Woman of the Year (original cast recording)
Vocal Type Alto

Lauren Bacall was an American actress.


Born Betty Joan Perske in The Bronx, New York, she studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and made her stage debut on Broadway as well as working as a fashion model. This gained her the attention of Hollywood, and she was soon cast in To Have and Have Not, rising swiftly with such pictures as The Big Sleep, Dark Passage and How to Marry a Millionaire.

Appearing in dramas and comedies, Bacall also won Tony Awards for her roles in Applause and Woman of the Year. In 1997 she received an Academy Award nomination for The Mirror Has Two Faces.

She continued to act on stage and screen until her death in 2014.


In her long career Bacall sang in several films and a number of stage productions, including in her early successes To Have and Have Not and The Big Sleep. She originated the role of Margo Channing in the stage musical Applause.

In later years Bacall performed the duet "Willow, Tit-Willow" in The Shootist and appeared in two more musicals, Wonderful Town and the original cast of Woman of the Year, playing Tess Harding


To Have and Have Not (1944)Edit

  • How Little We Know (contains solo lines)
  • Am I Blue? (contains solo lines)

The Big Sleep (1946)Edit

  • And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine

Sex and the Single Girl (1964)Edit

  • What Is This Thing Called Love? (reprise)(solo)

The Shootist (1976)Edit

  • Willow, Tit-Willow (duet)

The Fan (1981)Edit

  • Hearts, Not Diamonds (solo)


Applause (1970)(originated the role)Edit

  • But Alive (solo)
  • Who's That Girl? (solo)
  • Hurry Back (solo)
  • Fasten Your Seat Belts (solo)
  • Welcome to the Theatre (solo)
  • Something Greater (solo)
  • Finale

Wonderful Town (1977)Edit

  • Ohio (duet)
  • Conquering New York (contains solo lines)
  • One Hundred Easy Ways (solo)
  • Conversation Piece (contains solo lines)
  • Conga! (solo)
  • Swing! (contains solo lines)
  • Ohio (Reprise)(duet)
  • Wrong Note Rag contains solo lines)
  • It's Love (Reprise)

Woman of the Year (1981)(originated the role)Edit

  • Woman of the Year (contains solo lines)
  • When You're Right, You're Right (duet)
  • Shut Up, Gerald (contains solo lines)
  • One of the Boys (contains solo lines)
  • Table Talk (duet)
  • The Two of Us (duet)
  • Who Would Have Dreamed (solo)
  • Woman of the Year (Reprise)(solo)
  • I Wrote the Book (contains solo lines)
  • Happy in the Morning (duet)
  • The Grass Is Always Greener (duet)
  • We're Gonna Work It Out (duet)

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