Lotte Lenya
Biographical Information
Born October 18th, 1898
Vienna, Austria-Hungary
Died November 27th, 1981
New York City, New York, United States
Productions The Threepenny Opera as Jenny Diver (original Berlin cast)
Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny as Jenny
The Eternal Road as Miriam/The Witch of Endor (original cast)
The Firebrand of Florence as Duchess (original Broadway cast)
Brecht on Brecht
Cabaret as Fraulein Schneider (original Broadway cast)
Recordings The Threepenny Opera (original Broadway cast)
Cabaret (original cast recording)
Lotte Lenya Singt Brecht Und Weill
Vocal Type Soprano

Lotte Lenya was a Viennese actress.


Born Karoline Blamauer in Vienna, Austria-Hungary, she worked at the Schausielhaus in Zurich before moving to Berlin and appearing in her breakout role as Jenny Diver in The Threepenny Opera.

Though she mainly appeared on stage, Lenya made an Academy Award winning appearance in The Roman Spring of Miss Stone, and played the villainous SPECTRE agent Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love.

She passed away in 1981.


Lenya appeared in a number of musical roles, several written by her partner Kurt Weill, the most notable being The Threepenny Opera, where she played the role of Jenny Diver in both German and English language productions, as well as the 1931film.

She also appeared in the oratorio The Eternal Road and Weill's The Firebrand of Florence. After a break from stage acting, Lenya notably originated the part of Fraulein Schneider in the Broadway cast of Cabaret.


The Threepenny Opera (1931)Edit

  • Surabaya Johnny (solo)
  • Bilbao Song (solo)
  • Alabama Song (contains solo lines)
  • Denn wie man sich bettet (solo)
  • Querschnitt aus der Oper "Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny" (solo)
  • Lost in the Stars (solo)
  • Lover Man (solo)
  • J'attends un navire (solo)
  • Complainte de la Seine (solo)
  • Surabaya Johnny (reprise)(solo)
  • Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny (solo)
  • Und was bekam des Soldaten Weib? (solo)
  • Wie lang noch? (solo)


The Threepenny Opera (1928)/(1954)(originated the role)Edit

  • Tango Ballad (duet)
  • Solomon Song (solo)

Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny (1931)Edit

The Eternal Road (1937)(originated the role)Edit


The Firebrand of Florence (1945)(originated the role)Edit

  • Sing Me Not a Ballad (contains solo lines)
  • You Have to Do What You Do Do (contains solo lines)
  • There'll be Life, Love and Laughter

Brecht on Brecht (1962)Edit

Cabaret (1966)(originated the role)Edit

  • So What? (solo)
  • It Couldn't Please Me More (duet)
  • Married (duet)
  • What Would You Do? (solo)


Lotte Lenya Singt Brecht Und Weill (1974)Edit

  • Faulmeit (solo)
  • Stolz (solo)
  • Zorn (solo)
  • Völlerei (solo)
  • Unzucht (solo)
  • Habsucht (solo)
  • Neid (solo)
  • Bilbao-Song (solo)
  • Der Kleine Leutnant Des Lieben Gottes (solo)
  • Geht Hinein In Die Schlacht (solo)
  • Matrosen-Tango (solo)
  • Bruder, Gib Dir Einen Stoss (solo)
  • Das Lied Vom Branntweinhändler (solo)
  • Der Song Von Mandelay (solo)
  • Fürchte Dich Nicht (solo)
  • Surabaya-Jonny (solo)
  • Das Lied Von Der Harten Nuss (solo)
  • In Der Jugend Goldnem Schimmer (solo)
  • Die Ballade Von Der Höllen-Lili (solo)
  • Der Kleine Leutnant Des Lieben Gottes (solo)