Louis Jourdan
Biographical Information
Born June 19th, 1921
Marseille, France
Died February 14th, 2015
Beverly Hills, California, United States
Productions Gigi as Gaston Lachaille
Can-Can as Philipe Forestier
The Danny Kaye Show
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever as Dr. Mark Bruckner
Made in Paris as Mark Fontaine
Recordings Gigi (film soundtrack)
Can-Can (film soundtrack)
Vocal Type Tenor

Louis Jourdan was a French actor.


Born Louis Gendre in Marseille, France, Jourdan studied acting at the École Dramatique, whereupon he began acting on the professional stage and worked as an assistant camera operator. His film debut was interrupted due to the War, in which Jourdan served in the French Resistance.

He then became a film actor, and was soon signed up by David O. Selznick, with whom he frequently disagreed. His first great success was in Letter From An Unknown Woman, and he soon after made his Broadway debut in The Immoralist. Jourdan would continue to act in films (including the Bond film Octopussy), television and even recorded several books on tape, ultimately gaining two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jourdan passed away in 2015.


Jourdan was best known for his roles in romantic musicals, beginning with Gigi in 1958 and continuing with his role as Philipe Forestier in Can-Can.

Jourdan also appeared on stage in On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, but was replaced before the show reached Broadway.


Gigi (1958)Edit

  • It's a Bore (contains solo lines)
  • Waltz at Maxim's (solo)
  • The Night They Invented Champagne (contains solo lines)
  • Gaston's Soliloquy (solo)
  • Gigi (solo)

Can-Can (1960)Edit

  • Live and Let Live (duet)
  • You Do Something to Me (solo)
  • Live and Let Live (reprise)(duet)
  • It's All Right With Me (reprise)(solo)

The Danny Kaye Show (1963)Edit

  • Walk Right In (duet)
  • Honey (solo)

Made in Paris (1966)Edit

  • Paris Lullaby (duet)


On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1965)(originated the role)Edit

  • On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (solo)
  • Melinda (solo)
  • Come Back to Me (solo)

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